Carla is a book publicist and writes regularly for New York Magazine. Her work has also appeared in The Ringer,
Catapult, and Lenny Letter, among others. She is a books editor at Well Read Black Girl. 

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Why, Why, Why Does My Toddler Repeat Herself So Much?

"There is never a time that I am in the mood to be told the same exact thing five, six, seven times in succession, with no end in sight. Of course, like most irritations inherent to her age, I grit my teeth and deal with it, out of amused resignation. Because it’s simply a phase that’s not only inevitable, but signals her continuing development."

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Millennial Parents Have Made "Vulva" Happen, & Our Kids Are Better Off For It

"In teaching a brand new human how to actualize themselves as an autonomous, caring, and intelligent person, much is revealed about ourselves. Sex is both the great equalizer and the one area of our interior and exterior lives that forces us to reckon with hierarchies of influence and power, and where we place ourselves within them."

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Paying it Forward: Meaghan O'Connell's AND NOW WE HAVE EVERYTHING

"There is a very particular sort of mania in being pregnant, one that either thrums beneath the surface or rushes screaming to the fore, and it’s this maddening dichotomy that O’Connell distills onto the page with such attention and care."

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