Carla Bruce-Eddings is a book publicist and freelance writer. Her work is published and forthcoming in the New York Times, Real Simple, New York Magazine’s The CutThe Ringer, Catapult, and Lenny Letter, among others. Her essay “Amazing Grace” appears in the 2018 anthology Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Voices, Discovering Ourselves, and she is the books editor of the online book club. 

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Have you read QUEEN BEY yet?

“In her introduction, Chambers wonders, “What might a Black girl be in this world?” Charting her own life’s trajectory as it aligned with Beyoncé’s impact on her life and sense of self, she lays a lush groundwork for a deeper examination of not only who this superstar is, but how her ever-shifting identities and career milestones are endlessly refracted onto and within us, her audience.”

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Should I Give My Daughter Dreadlocks?

“I’m raising a Black child in the United States of America — how I decide to style her hair should be the least of my concerns. But I only get to parent my daughter once. I can’t pretend that our bodies aren’t a battleground for continued political and psychological violence.”

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I spoke to Bustle about how to get through book slumps.

“As a kid, riding my bike to the library and borrowing nine to 10 books at a time was one of my absolute favorite things to do. I'd get home, open my backpack, and just work my way through my new books hungrily until I'd finished them all. I think about what that Carla would say if she could see me now, barely able to get through a few pages without checking my phone, and then guilt will compel me to put my electronics in another room so that I can finally lose myself in whatever I'm reading.”

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I was on a podcast!

For Literary Hub, the hosts of the Fiction / Non / Fiction podcast asked me and Karen Gu of Graywolf to discuss all things book publicity. Available wherever you listen to your podcasts, or you can stream it directly from the Lit Hub website here.


WELL READ BLACK GIRL: Finding Our Voices, Discovering Ourselves

The very first Well-Read Black Girl anthology, edited by my friend and hero, Glory Edim, is in stores now! I’m so excited and humbled to be included in this collection, along with some truly phenomenal women writers like Jacqueline Woodson, Tayari Jones, Nicole Dennis-Benn, Jesmyn Ward, and many, many others.