Carla is a book publicist and writes regularly for New York Magazine. Her work has also appeared in The Ringer,
Catapult, and Lenny Letter, among others. She is a books editor at Well Read Black Girl. 

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Paying it Forward: Meaghan O'Connell's AND NOW WE HAVE EVERYTHING

"There is a very particular sort of mania in being pregnant, one that either thrums beneath the surface or rushes screaming to the fore, and it’s this maddening dichotomy that O’Connell distills onto the page with such attention and care."

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Why Do Millennial Moms Have So Many House Plants?

"While the reigning millennial Instagram aesthetic may glorify an apartment teeming with plant life, young moms are not so easily swayed by trends. The revolving door of maternal obligation demands a sort of pragmatism that can very well be aspirational, but mainly compels mothers to ask of themselves: is this realistic?"

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Like Pulling a Baby Out of a Hat

"We wanted so badly to be good, of our own merit; we wanted to prove ourselves worthy of the life we’d been given. Fully surrendering to our underlying panic and ignorance felt like we were betraying  a parenting pact we were barely aware of entering."

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