66: Some reflection

You know how exercise is good for your body, but only if you do it within certain time constraints? Like, yes, you should absolutely go running, but don't running for four hours six days a week. Yes, by all means, do squats, but don't do 300 squats every six hours. Right? Because you will shred your muscles and bruise your ligaments. I have not verified these results with medical professionals, but it seems like common sense. Everything in moderation, especially when in regards to your body, of which each person is allotted only one (this is an ironic sentence to type right now because Eric is watching Robocop).

Anyway, how applicable - how true - is this concept in regards to the mind? Specifically, mine? Even more specifically, pushing myself to write something every day?

Every writer has their own methods and philosophies on writing. I am still shaping mine, so I look to the more experienced ones for guidance. Every writer I've encountered, thus far, has hammered home the importance of reading, reading, reading. But when it comes to writing, the advice is all over the map. Some say writing every day is essential. Some say it's impossible. Some say it's pointless. I say it's exhausting.

I challenged myself to do this and I want to see it through, but this does not necessarily mean that I am going to adopt this as a valuable skill or tool. I think for where I am right now, in a job that doesn't allow me the creativity I'd like to foster, and in a role that doesn't allow me the time to practice my craft, this is a daily kick in the ass that I need. Were I actually in a situation where I could indeed be expected to write every day, and get paid for it, then my evenings would look a bit different.

It's only been 34 days. My brain is sore. Onward.