38: Mostly A List Of Boring Domestic Tasks We Did Today

Today was a day of accomplishments:

launder our clothing and bedding 

thaw meats and marinate meats and cut vegetables  

procure groceries  

bathe the child  

cook several days' worth of dinners

clean the kitchen

put away clothing and bedding

send important enails

finish essay for writing class; send

return key to friend 

shave head (not my task) 


choose clothing for tomorrow


daily blog post  

lesson planning

All by 10 pm. 

It is 10:22 so I have not wholly succeeded but our child is clean and fed and sleeping and our kitchen is tidy and we will not need to use Seamless for at least four days and we have underwear for the week. I'm satisfied.  

I have some pain in another tooth that I'm refusing to think about.  

Tomorrow is Monday, which is inevitable and irritating.