22: Some Questions

Do you have enough ideas?

Are they ideas that people will care about? Find funny? Interesting? Sad enough to be interesting?

Are you simply exploiting your past misfortunes for digital popularity?

Are you being derivative?

Are you holding yourself back out of fear of being derivative?

Are you honing your craft?

Are you practicing self-care?

Are you publishing a book? (WHEN are you publishing your book?)

Do you feel fulfilled? Why not?

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you being a perfect mother? Don't you know no one is perfect? So why aren't you perfect?

Are you happy at your job? Do you love what you do? Teaching is hard, right? Do you like it? Do you like your job?

So what else would you want to do?

Do you have good ideas?

Are your relationships healthy?

Is your body fit?

Do you eat every day?

What is your music?

Do you breathe correctly?

What form do your dreams take?

Are you whole? Are you well?

Why aren't you talking?

Do you even like me? Does it even matter?

Are your ideas good?

Are you enough? How do you know?