7: Impermanent Beauty

I wrapped gifts tonight. 

My mother taught me. She was meticulous in many things, but not in an overbearing way. Some things just had to be done right, and that was that. Gift wrapping was one of those things.

We didn't do gift bags.

Don't cut off too much wrapping paper, but don't skimp, either. You need enough to create a neat, generous fold. Pay close attention to the corners: don't allow them to wrinkle or bunch up. Too much tape is tacky. Only ever use clear tape. The edges of the wrapping paper should meet in the center of the back of the gift, and if it's rectangular, longways. The corner folds are always done on the shorter sides. If you have to redo those folds several times to get it right, then take the time to do so. Use the sharp end of the scissors to curl the ribbon - carefully. Obviously, the ribbon and the wrapping paper should complement each other.  

By noon on Christmas Day, we had stuffed all of the torn wrapping paper and trampled ribbons into black garbage bags, never to be seen again.