36: (in)Accessible

Cold walls

A deliberate STOP, a wall

A definitive no.

When goosebumps rise

You shiver in response, a body cloaking itself in motion,

in agitation. Rub, chatter, shake

Yourself into warmth.

Do you get it?


Cold walls

Brick by pointed brick,

Or iced plaster, bone-white evasion.

Words billow in insulated clouds

The only vulnerability, couched

In solidity.

You do not see the pink insulation,

You only trust it is there.

Are you with me?


Cold walls

I didn't mean it, didn't

Build them - at least, not on purpose.

(Deliberate, definite.)

Gleaming or matte, I suppose

It doesn't matter -

The color, either -

If their meaning is caged within.

If my borders swallow their sound.


I've lost you, anyway.