51: Six Things

1. The gentle shower of freshly removed eyebrow hairs on your nose, cheeks, and eyelids after a threading

2. The mild dread that accompanies the urge to pee on a day that you have inexplicably decided you want to wear your shirt tucked in

3. The slight flinch shrug in your shoulders every time your gaze falls upon your chewed up computer/iPhone cord, because it's probably not okay to keep using it when the wire is exposed, but like, it still works, so...

4. The primal urge to create a slideshow of your daughter's sunflower Halloween costume photos and play it in all of your classes, and some classes that are not yours

5. The moment when your daughter launches herself forward and onto her back in one smooth moment, utterly breaking your train of thought as you try to write today's blog post

6. The smell of fried chicken bringing an abrupt end to this post